[Resolved] Live Services Disruption

The Team is investigating an issue causing a decline in backend infrastructure performance.

While the team is investigating, there may be brief periods of time where matchmaking to new instances will be disrupted.

[2023-09-20 Updates]

1732 UTC – Initial notice, investigation underway.

1745 UTC – Escalating to major outage, infrastructure recovery is in progress.

Attempts to reach the front end menu or game instances will fail at this time.

1900 UTC – Service is accessible once again. Shards that crashed during the outage are currently being stowed for recovery.

2215 UTC – Shards recovery complete. The team is continuing to mitigate issues causing some inventories not to load.

This inventory recovery process in in-progress and some players will already see restored access. More updates to come.

2250 UTC – Infrastructure is operational, the team is continuing to investigate bugs that may have resulted from the outage.


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