Question for the Vanguard nose gun. (fri 2/2 SCL question)

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Question, they said that the Vanguard would be among a handful of ships that would only have the chin gun remain in a fixed position.

Will there still be an option to put it on a gimble? One of the big problems with the vanguard is a lack of options to match velocities so the pip doesnt spread as much with all its bespoke weapons. Would love clairification because with the vanguards lack of mobility it could be a make or break for some owners.

Or will there be the old “lock” mechanic again where the pips lock for a full fixed loadout which combines the pips?

Ty out the Vanguard in the MM experimental modes in 3.22. That is how the ship will work for the full MM release.

The nose guns are fixed, the chin mount is not.

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