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First off, thanks for a great Citizencon and congrats to CR and all the amazing devs for what they have achieved.

I was, however, surprised that there was no mention of quanta or the economy.

When can we expect an update?

Is TonyZ still alive?

Here is a quick summary of my answer on that stream for you all:

The Quanta simulation is in a good place at the moment but lives in a closed system.

We want the sim to make a difference to your play experience and so for the moment, have paused its development in favor of developing the gameplay systems the game needs for the sim to hook on, economy and otherwise. The server meshing work also has a very large impact on how the sim communicates with the game state and so have thus prioritized other work in the short term until we can come around and make the simulation affect live gameplay and make a difference like we intended since the beginning.

We will post more when we have more concrete information to share!



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