QED’s and Nav mode speeds with Master Modes

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@YogiKlatt-CIG Can you please explain a bit more in depth about this? like.. please..haha. My org mates and I have endlessly debated how QEDs will work in a post master mode environment, and to be honest none of us really can imagine master modes NOT completely breaking bounty hunting and piracy. From the outside looking in – Master modes makes the dampeners basically useless. The Dampener is already fairly difficult to reliably tackle a player – especially outside of atmo. Im not complaining here – tackling another players ship is a niche skill and SHOULD require a steady hand on the ol flight stick. I under stand that ships current maneuverability metrics are going to change, but the math isnt adding up for me…. If you have a 1500 meter bubble, on a ship that’s detectable from…11km away or more ( the blue currently sits around 15 km detection range) its completely unrealistic to believe you can close that distance in SCM before your target can disengage at speeds you simply cannot match. and, given the fact that a ship traveling at lets say 800 m/s can break that 1500m bubble in less than 3 seconds even if you manage to cross into its path of travel within the 1500 meters, its not going to go from 800+m/s to 200 instantly, and since the dampener doesn’t drag or force a ship OUT of travel mode…it will simply slow down slightly for 2-3 seconds, and then break the bubble and accel at a rate that makes it impossible to catch? I mean..even if you merge almost perfectly with your target…its just going to carry through your dampener within seconds…Am i completely out of the ball park here?? is that the intended outcome? that the use cases for dampeners is massively shrunk? is the size of the interdiction bubble going to be adjusted? Have you considered a dampener that requires a target lock (like missiles) and therefore you could lock a single ship from further away, but if it breaks the missile / dampener lock it can jump? I have flown and used the blue extensively for both piracy, and bounty hunting – but its looking like the Mantis will likely be the ONLY viable QED ship in game as the Snare is potentially large enough to give the mantis and its support craft the opportunity keep a ship tackled long enough to meaningfully engage with it. I have really significant concerns about the deep implications of master modes beyond just the nerf / removal of fighting on the 45..

Tbh, it’s a bit too early to talk in-depth about this. The implementation concerning QED will change with both MM and the reworked quantum travel but we have not started this process yet … so as of now it still works as in the PU. So feel free to make suggestions how it should work.

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