QED’s and Nav mode speeds with Master Modes

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We do!? I thought Nav mode lacked boost. Is it something that was changed? In your original “multiple speeds” video I thought you stated that we wouldn’t have boost in Nav mode.

Time stamped. You did change the design!

So, to answer the OP’s question, is boost supressed by a QD if you are in Nav mode?

Yes and that is the same problem with blogs … they are just momentary records of the dev state of that time. It doesn’t mean things can’t change. We change things around a lot, that is how developing a game works. Designing games is usually not a strict waterfall process. You design, you iterate, you test, you change, etc. This is not different to any other game studio … the difference is just that you all have visibility to that. Thruster boost was added because internal PU testers and S42 players liked it better so we tried it out and it worked without upsetting the rest of the intended design. The only difference is that the regen times in NAV mode are much lower.

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