Q&A: GATAC Syulen

GATAC Syulen

Now that the Syulen has been added to the ‘verse, we asked the vehicle and gameplay teams a few questions about GATAC’s new versatile cargo hauler. Here are the answers, straight from the designers themselves.

Authentically Xi’an, the Gatac Syulen has grown from a history of hauling across the known universe.

Does the Syulen fit in any ships currently available in-game?

The Syulen is our first ship that’s vertically orientated upon landing. As such, while it fits within standard hangar metrics, it’s one of the few to truly take up the majority of the vertical axis, which means it’s not suitable for fitting in any existing ship.


Is there an MFD view to help with landing and taking off so players don’t have to use the external camera?

A landing view on the radar/MFDs is planned in the future for all ships, not just the Syulen, but it isn’t available at launch. If you want to stay in cockpit view, you can use the compass guides to orientate yourself 90 degrees to aid in landing in the interim.


What is the ship’s top speed?

The top speed is currently 1200m/s, with a SCM speed of 200m/s

Is there a ship with that we can compare the Syulen to in terms of stats, and why should we choose the Syulen over another ship of its class and role?

The Syulen, while classified as a starter, is more premium, so it sits in the same category as the Reliant Kore, Avenger Titan, and Nomad. The biggest reason to choose this over the others comes down to its alien design and styling. It’s also particularly well-armed compared to its competitors (at the expense of cargo capacity) as well as being very agile for its size and shape due to having 24 maneuvering and 3 retro thrusters.


Gatac uses a lot of missiles on the Railen, is this something that will also be reflected on the Syulen?

The Syulen has a trio of bespoke missile racks, one per wing, and each holds 4x S2 missiles for a total of 12x S2.


What weapons does the Syulen have apart from the missiles

The Syulen comes with 3x S3 weapon hardpoints that, by default, are equipped with fixed S3 guns.

What is the Syulen’s cargo capacity?

6 SCU; there are three cargo racks on the exterior, each of which can carry 2x 1 SCU boxes.


Does the Syulen have a tractor beam?

There is no tractor beam hardpoint on the ship – cargo crates are moved with a handheld tractor beam.


Can the Syulen scoop hydrogen?

The Syulen is capable of regenerating its hydrogen fuel tanks via its fuel intakes.

Does the Syulen have more or less armor than other ships in its class and role?

The Syulen has comparable armor to other ships of its class and role.


As the Syulen is a Xi’an ship, does it come up with unique features that other Human ships don’t have?

As it was built by Gatac for both the Xi’an and Human market, there are features onboard to suit both species, such as a toilet, sink, and the classic back-scratcher.


What amenities does the Syulen have?

Everything you’d come to expect from a ship of this size, so a bathroom including toilet and shower, personal storage including a suit locker, and a bed.

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