Q&A: Argo SRV

Argo SRV

Now that the SRV has been added to the ‘verse, we asked the vehicle and gameplay teams a few questions about Argo’s new towing ship, as well as a refresh on some of the questions from our previous Q&A. Here are the answers, straight from the designers themselves.

Can the SRV’s towing beam move SCU containers, items, asteroids/rocks, or even people? 

The SRV’s towing beam is a little different compared to your “ordinary” tractor beam. It can move cargo containers and ships and, in the future, will also be able to tow asteroids and rocks. However, it will not be able to detach items and move people.


Can the SRV quantum travel while towing? 

Yes. One of the SRV’s main roles in the universe will be to help ships that have broken down, run out of fuel, or are critically damaged.


Can multiple SRVs work together to move larger ships/objects? If so, can this be done in quantum travel?

Multiple SRVs can link up to pull larger and heavier vehicles. They will also be able to quantum travel while linked together, though this feature is coming later.


Does towing impact the SRV’s fuel consumption? 

Anything that changes a ship’s weight will have an impact on its fuel consumption, as it will have to work harder to provide the same level of thrust.

Can the towing beam be used both in space and in atmosphere? 

Yes, the tractor beam works both in space and atmosphere. But, as gravity is applied to the object being towed, it could mean the tether breaks or becomes harder to wield.


Does a ship or vehicle need to be in soft death to be towed? 

No, as long as the ship does not have active shields, you will be able to attempt to tow it.


Can the towing beam be used “in reverse”? For example, a larger ship pulling a disabled SRV that still has towing capability? 

Yes, this is possible, but the ship the towing beam is attached to has to fly very carefully.


What’s the effective range of the towing beam? 

As of now, the maximum distance that you can target a ship is 300m, with a maximum-strength distance of 125m – the max-strength distance is the distance the towing beam will try to get the ship to when in towing mode. However, these are balancing values, so are subject to change.

What prevents an SRV from stealing another vehicle with its beam? 

If the target ship has its shields up, the SRV will be unable to tow it. So, if someone wants to make sure their vehicle cannot be taken, they will need to leave it powered on with the shields up.


Is the tractor arm bespoke to the SRV, or can it be swapped to another capable ship?

The SRV uses a bespoke tractor beam setup unique to the SRV.


Does activating the towing beam affect your signature levels? 

Yes. As the towing beam uses power, it will cause your ship to generate more signature.


Does the SRV have any weapon racks or personal storage? 

The SRV comes with a weapon rack for you and your passengers to store their equipment in. It also features a suit locker and personal storage for the pilot.


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