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Hi everyone,

As recently announced at CitizenCon 2953, and in our dedicated announcement post, we’re preparing for the first expedition to Pyro tomorrow! Before you proceed, please make sure to read the aforementioned announcement in detail to ensure you’re up to speed and know what to expect.

For the initial debut, we want to reiterate the fluidity of the Preview Channel. When we said it wasn’t for the faint of heart, we meant it! It’s important to note that the experience will vary frequently, depending on what tech/content is being tested and overall traffic. The game version available on the Preview Channel is akin to early Evocati playtests, which are usually less reliable and subject to change often.

Below you’ll find our tentative schedule, but please note that depending on both backend and testing needs, these times may change, run long, or end early. We also may deviate from this schedule as other testing priorities arise, such as PTU testing for upcoming patches/events. We intend to gradually open access to avoid putting too much strain on the backend at once. This means when you log in, if the servers are at capacity, you will encounter an error. If you do hit such an error, simply come back and try again later.

We plan to run an 8-hour test each day, rotating between time zones to accommodate our global audience. As a reminder, we’ll open the Preview Channel to our most active testers, Concierge, and those who have acquired a ⁠Digital Goodies Pack.


(times in UTC may be the following day)

October 31 // 12 PM Pacific / 7 PM UTC (US)

November 1 // 6 AM Pacific / 1 PM UTC (EU)

November 2 // 11 PM Pacific / 6 AM UTC (APAC)

November 3 // 12 PM Pacific / 7 PM UTC (US)

November 4 // 6 AM Pacific / 1 PM UTC (EU)

November 5 // 11 PM Pacific / 7 AM UTC (APAC)

November 6 // 12 PM Pacific / 8 PM UTC (US)

November 7 // 6 AM Pacific / 2 PM UTC (EU)

November 8 // 11 PM Pacific / 7 AM UTC (APAC)

November 9 // 12 PM Pacific / 8 PM UTC (US)

November 10 // 6 AM Pacific / 2 PM UTC (EU)

November 11 // 11 PM Pacific / 7 AM UTC (APAC)

November 12 // 12 PM Pacific / 8 PM UTC (US)

November 13 // 6 AM Pacific / 2 PM UTC (EU)

November 14 // 11 PM Pacific / 7 AM UTC (APAC)

We will wrap up testing the Preview Channel ahead of Alpha 3.21.1. If you miss your opportunity to jump in, fear not, we’ll bring Pyro back online for testing later this year.

Last but certainly not least, we’d kindly encourage you take full advantage of the ⁠⁠Issue Council! Your reports are a massive help in expediting the process of getting Pyro to the live servers. Remember, this is only the beginning for the Preview Channel – on the road ahead, we look forward to getting your hands on the Replication Layer split, Server Meshing, and more!

We know that many of you are eager to dive in, and we can’t wait to jump in with you! Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding, and we’ll see you in Pyro! :rocket:


▲ Who will have initial access to the Preview Channel for Pyro testing?

► We’ll pull from from Digital Goodies Pack owners, Concierge, and our most active testers, followed by our usual wave process. We’d like to include as many as possible, but the capacity and access will be determined as we go. Our backend and testing teams will be monitoring, gathering data, and ultimately making decisions based on testing needs. The ultimate goal is outlined in our original Preview Channel announcement, which is to prepare Pyro for an eventual migration to the live servers – this means we may stagger/limit entry (utilizing random selection).

▲ How do I know that I was invited to the test?

► You will receive an email alerting you that you now have access.

▲ Does this mean that all Concierge will get access on Oct 31st, or just those randomly selected?

► We’d like to grant access to as many as possible, and if we’re able to do so for all of Concierge, we will. We also may revoke access if that becomes necessary to limit traffic. It’s important to note that we will limit total capacity, and we anticipate the number of players may exceed that capacity during peak hours. In this case, some will find they are unable to connect and may need to try again later. Access and capacity will vary between playtests/technologies to best suit the testing needs of any given technology.

▲ Will this playtest include the Replication Layer split or Server Meshing?

► While we plan to utilize the Preview Channel for both the Replication Layer split, Server Meshing, and others underlying technologies, these won’t be a part of the initial Preview Channel debut.

▲ Will there be an NDA, or can I use the Preview channel to share content with my community and other players?

► For this Preview Channel in particular, you all are welcome to share screenshots, videos, etc.

▲ Any preloading?

► No preloading. Any tricks or tips (copying over your live version) that are usually used may still be helpful to you here.

▲ Will this build have the full Pyro system?

► This is the same experience that was playable at CitizenCon (plus a handful of fixes!) – so it is not the entirety of the system.

▲ How do we participate in the preview channel, do we need to copy anything over, like with the PTU?

► You will simply copy your account to PTU, same process that currently exists for general PTU.

▲ How can I be maximally helpful during the playtest?

► Exercise patience! This is the Preview Channel after all, meaning it is likely to be unstable. Hang in there, utilize the Issue Council, and be excellent to each other!

Added some frequently asked questions to the main post! See you all at Checkmate later today!

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