Precision Targeting Mode – A question about balancing combat

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Carth Antex

The main question is: Will ship turrets really have such a bad chance against one small ship like the Gladius? — beside, thanks @YogiKlatt-CIG and the others for the very nice show at the CitCon2023 :slightly_smiling_face:

As we saw in the very nice CitCon-Panel, the Precision Targeting Mode will change combat gameplay opportunities.

I had some discussion with a friend about how the balancing should be or if its probably too arcade or not.

When physicalized damage will come in, will it be still that easy to destroy Hammerheads or other ships turrets?

Technically we are over 900 years in future with such high-tech mfd’s and projected 3D-HUD’s.

Is the precision targeting mode comparable with some of todays technologies like Lockheed Martins Sniper APT (Superior Targeting Capability)?

For the purpose of the demo we made the turrets of the Hammerhead very weak so they blow up after a couple of direct hits. You can expect the Hammerhead turrets be a bit stronger than what we’ve shown in the demo but you need to keep in mind that it is a dedicated anti-fighter platform. If you go against it alone in a single fighter you will not survive long … 24 S4 guns will hurt …

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