People’s alliance control influence.

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I am curious if the people’s alliance controls pretty much the entirety of Nyx or if They are merely one of the major factions in play for that title.

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We answered your question in this installment of Loremakers: Community Questions ( Adding our answer here too so it lives in this thread. Thanks for the question!

Answer: The People’s Alliance is Nyx’s major faction for sure, but they mainly control the area around Delamar. This is mainly due to their available security resources as it would be an expensive proposition to patrol the full system. While there are outposts and stations aligned with the People’s Alliance peppered throughout Nyx, the further out you go, the more likely you are to run into one of several outlaw groups vying for territory in the system. We touched on one of these outlaw groups back in the Q3 2022 Loremaker’s – The Moraine, who are an organization of thieves and smugglers based out of the Glaciem Ring.

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