Overdrive Initiative – Stanton Needs You.



XenoThreat is putting our system and its people in peril yet again, and we can’t fight them alone. Join the Civilian Defense Force for a multi-week series of missions to play your part in foiling the most diabolical threat to Stanton yet. Over the following weeks, volunteers will be tasked with capturing intel, targeting key insurgents, countering strike forces, and more, all in the pursuit of victory.

Due to the severity of the situation, Anvil Aerospace has released its next-generation space-superiority fighter on to the civilian market. Stronger, faster, and harder hitting, the Mk II is a complete evolution of the storied Hornet medium fighter revered the Empire over. 

And, those who prove themselves during this initiative will be awarded complimentary upgrades from the F7C to the military-exclusive F7A for their service.

Incoming Communication

“Attention volunteers,

The CDF has intercepted comms suggesting an imminent XenoThreat
attack on Stanton. With approval from the UEE Navy, the CDF has
launched the Overdrive Initiative,- a volunteer force tasked with
investigating the terrorists’ activities and countering them where possible.
Welcome to the team.

To play your part, accept the ‘Overdrive Initiative’ contract in your mobiGlas.
Missions will update as the threat evolves, so stay alert.”

Civilian Defense Force Liaison Rowena Dulli



The next generation of space superiority is here. The Mk II
refines Anvil’s tried-and-true Hornet formula to better combat
the ever-growing threat to Humanity with improved weapons,
defense,and maneuverability. 

To ensure the future safety of UEE space, all F7C owners who
play their part during the Overdrive Initiative will receive a
complimentary upgrade to the F7A – a military exclusive that
hits even harder with additional turrets and missiles.  

Secure your Anvil F7C Hornet MkII now and repel the XenoThreat

Overdrive Initiative

Overdrive Initiative
 is a series of connected missions leading up to the explosive XenoThreat Global Event. Over the next few weeks, regular new content will task brave pilots with supporting the Civilian Defense Force as it battles the growing terrorist threat to the system.

The first mission, Intel Raid, is available now in the Contract Manager of your mobiGlas. More will be added over the coming weeks as the threat develops, each with a unique challenge.

For more information, visit the Overdrive Initiative FAQ on Spectrum.

In support of the ongoing event, one of Squadron 42’s most iconic ships has been added to the Persistent Universe. Upon completing all Overdrive Initiative missions, you’ll receive a complimentary upgrade from the F7C Mk II to the military-exclusive F7A Mk II, as well as a three-day rental of the F7A Mk II.

Overdrive Initiative: Intel Raid

Naval intelligence has located numerous XenoThreat cells already operating in Stanton, preparing and scouting for the impending attack.

The CDF needs you to locate and neutralize these groups and recover all remaining intel.

Open your mobiGlas and accept the ‘Overdrive Initiative: INTEL RAID’ mission to get started.


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