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I have a bunch of question regarding this office.

How much does the OES involve themselves in the affairs of other species?

Another way of putting this question…

Does the OES ever work with or against other species or are they just involved internally in UEE domestic affairs?

What action(s) did the OES take upon hearing the Kr’Thak being revealed by the Xi’An? Are they actively looking with the military to make contact with this new species or is the UEE leaving all that up to the private sector to deal with?

Do the OES and military work together? I ask because in the real world there are often rivalries and the public pays the price.

Is the OES or military worried about the existence of the Hadesians? Knowing the power, that the Hadesians posses, but no idea where they are and if they will resurface?

How does the general public feel about the known exitence of the Kr’Thak? Are they worried or just accept various species without any further thought?

Does the OES ever get involved in slavery cases? Or is this just left up to the police?

Hi @Bacchus –

We answered your question in this installment of Loremakers: Community Questions ( Adding our answer here too so it lives in this thread. Thanks for the question!

Answer: The extent of OES’ actions still aren’t entirely known, but they seem to operate both inside the UEE and outside. Their existence was only recently discovered during the Jenk Gallen incident where a Human was captured in Xi’an space on charges of espionage. Now that they’ve been pulled out of the shadows and are given oversight, I think they’re still trying to figure out how they move forward. Back when they were operating with impunity, I would suspect the OES probably did enlist military assistance in their operations, but most likely did so under the guise of a conventional UEE intelligence service or another facet of bureaucracy (rather than identifying themselves as OES). As far as the Hadesians, I’m sure they’re probably pretty interested to learn more about the ancient culture. As for the slavery cases, they might if it serves their interest.

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