Not played Last Year, But i was still in Space. My First Blender 3D Movie

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I have to say that normally even when im hyped for a game, i never get too much emotions until i play it.

For star citizen, its another thing, I backed in 2013 after watching a hyped Angry Joe buying a constellation.

When he says its from the creator of the wing commander series, witch i ahd never played before, but my best frind at high high school i remembered that his favoretie games were The wing commander series and privateer he played those so much.

He was always thinking about what those kind of games would look in 10-15 years. At that time We were in the 90’S. Sadly he died from hotchkins cancer in 2003. So when i was earing Angry joe talking about how it would be as a game, i immediately yought about my freind who would have loved that idea. So i backed for that at first.

But i was hoocked in the first time i put the feet in the first hangar module, the old one old old old lol. And i never stopped playing every patch, every ptu. !0 years and in the past 2-3 my hype was not there anymore. Thats Why last year i did not played and started doing 3d. i wanted to do a short movie in Blender at the end of that year witch was a goal i had for a long time. The citcon this year reignited the hype i had for this game and also Squadron 42. Im sure my freind would have been so hype seeing what we saw this weekend.

This is my Movie that is about space for sure thats why i was still in space. Took me 5 months to do, and its far from perfect its a 3dbiginer movie. Hope you like it.

This was an interesting story and fun to watch; thanks for sharing it with the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

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