No longer able to flag posts as of v6.16.1

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I do not know what you switched around with the flagging option but at the moment I can not flag posts anymore unless I use a browser without any script- or trackingblockers (noscript, ghostery). It still worked on 6.16 so it was the latest update to Spectrum that broke it.

I can perform all of the process, opening the pop-up, selecting category and entering my text, until I want to confirm the flag.

When I press the “Confirm” button nothing happens. The pop-up doesn’t close and I do not get a message that my flag has been recieved.

Even allowing all the domains associated with Spectrum in my scriptblocker doesn’t change this bugged behavior.

If I go back to the RSI main website and allow all the scripts, I was not yet able to identify which domain is responsible, the “Confirm” button seems to work as the pop-up closes but I still do not get the message that my flag has been recieved.

Disabling ghostery seems to have the same effect as allowing all domains (you should have a test flag of this thread, I did not get a confirmation).

I do like to keep my browser secured. Please help.



This issue was highlighted to the appropriate teams, and a patch was recently deployed that should resolve this issue.

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