MTSIM Flight Chairs – Licensed Star Citizen Flight Chairs from MTSIM

MTSIM x Star Citizen

RSI Tempest

Roberts Space Industries helped Humanity leave the confines of Earth and expand into the stars.

Take on the galaxy in the RSI Tempest Flight Chair, featuring black leather, a quilted backrest,
and orange stitching.

Mirai Focus

Mirai uses cutting-edge alien tech to ensure its ships are the fastest and most focused on the circuit.

Push for pole position in the Mirai Focus Flight Chair, with a contrasting black and red backrest and red stitching.

Anvil Paladin

Anvil Aerospace has been Humanity’s greatest protector for centuries, defending the Empire across countless conflicts.

Cut down threats in the Anvil Paladin Flight Chair, with an all-black colorway and contrasting materials.


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