Mobile Spectrum broken on iPhones

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Just FYI.

Upon arriving at the site, I’m immediately plastered with a two page long list of cookies to accept or not, and no way to scroll back to either accept or deny.

* Tested afterward on Safari, Firefox, and DuckDuckGo. Circumvented by going through the RSI site instead of trying to go directly to Spectrum. However– when I finally got through, I found myself unable to access the button to edit this message, so I forgot until now. I’m flashing back to 2019(?) when I went away for Thanksgiving and to pledge for a Starfarer.

Hi, thanks for your feedback; this has been elevated to the right people internally.

In the meantime, you can try what has worked for me previously: temporarily decreasing the text size (by clicking on the “Aa” button) helps scroll the page down to access the accept/deny cookies link.

Feel free to let me know if that helps!

Thanks again for raising this.

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