Master Modes—Trichord Limiter Fundamentally Flawed?

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G-safe is set to off in game settings and the UI element reflects the same. Thank you for taking a look.

I honestly don’t see any truncating of the lateral acceleration. The MM Gladius with g-safe off can currently do 10G to the sides and up … and in the video you seem to consistently get over 10G to the right. Sometimes it is a bit more but this because you’re at the edge of the speed bubble and IFCS momentarily forces you back into the bubble while retaining allowed speed goals. It is only less when you reach the edge of the speed bubble again.

In general the tri-chording limiter works by first calculating the allowed trichord accelerations and then limiting the magnitude of that acceleration vector based on the largest allowed limit for all axes. In your example it will never go below 10G and that is intended. The only actual truncation you might see is when you / the ship adds a lot of downwards / backwards acceleration into the mix. But that is the whole point of the tri-chording limiter.

What you propose would be something like automatic thruster shunting. While that is relatively easy in decoupled, in coupled is it quite hard as the ship is trying to get to your wanted speed as fast as possible without changing your speed vector (i.e. direction of travel). Towards the start and end of the acceleration process you would actually get small variations in the speed direction which in turn will cause issues in situations where you want the TVI to be very stable (e.g. racing or for AI ships).

So I do not think that your first BLUF point () it true. But this does not mean I disagree with the rest of your points (which are mostly related to the combat dynamics). We booked some time to invest more into IFCS soonish ™ anyways and we’ll keep those in mind.

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