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Just tested this in the Vanguard: When transitioning from Nav to SCM your current velocity drops significally in a matter of moments. We’re talking 64G of acceleration… eyes out.

From a physiological standpoint this is already “not ideal”. I don’t think I need to explain this.

Further, this breaks consistency. Why blackout/greyout/redout at lower accelerations but not at this particular one? A brief redout when doing this would at least incentivise slowing down on your own accord before dropping into SCM. It still doesn’t explain where and how these accelerations occur but at least it would help with a tiny bit of consistency…

From a gameplay perspective it is my opinion that it cheapens player skill in terms of flight control, because the act of stopping and the management of inertia becomes obsolete. Why would I flip and burn in order to stop when instead it takes less time and skill to just drop to SCM?

Anyway, the whole flight model conundrum could’ve been avoided if it had been about acceleration and heat from the beginning. Differing acceleration values depending on axis was a step in the right direction, only it shouldn’t stop there. Switching modes could be avoided alltogether if acceleration weren’t practically linear and instead a curve that reaches max torque at some point and then regresses. Lower pitch and yaw rotations would make every noob realise after the first pass that no engagement will happen at the speed they were going.

But others and I have been saying this for over a decade. This is all I can say for now because after all this time, the flight model problem just gets tiring.

Concerning the consistency, the g-force exhaustion is actually active … however because the deceleration process is so quick (1 to 2 seconds) the effects do not kick in. We have a safety buffer of a few seconds to make sure that there is a continuous acceleration before we start the g-effects, otherwise you’d almost constantly see them. So in this case it’s more a G-tuning problem which is surprisingly hard at times as it needs to account for dogfighting, normal traversal and external forced accelerations like entering a planet atmosphere, wind and things like G-Safe.

Concerning the deceleration process, we actually have it somewhere on the todo list to try out negative effects on a ship’s health when you do unsafe decelerations due stress, etc. … so that players are encouraged to slow down before they do the mode swap … but that is its own feature in itself and not even scheduled up yet.

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