Master Modes Feedback – Transition from Nav to SCM

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It’s not like Stapp would have decided, “Yep, its totally fine.” after getting off his rocket sled. If you put someone through those kinds of G’s multiple times an hour, they just die from shock due to adrenaline dumping in their system, if not from physical fatigue. What about when our avatars to get slovenly fat eating 42 double dogs at every rest stop dog eating contest they come across?

That kind of unbridled acceleration should cause a life-altering spiritual awakening in which the subject realizes that rocket sleds are seriously dangerous and uncomfortable, wrestle-with-god sorts of contraptions that man probably shouldn’t deal with more than once, if ever.

Since artificial gravity already exists, just change the lore to explain it away such that the ship somehow uses some artificial gravity to reduce the effect of the G’s. Or maybe the humans of the future are more capable of handling the G’s, somehow? Doesn’t need to be believable, but this seems like a relatively minor plot-hole.

We have ships with gravity generators so I think I’ll leave it to Dave Haddock et al. to come up with a proper explanation. We’ll definitely have G-mitigating suits / equipment at some point in the future.

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