Master Modes and Speeds. M/S vs. MPH

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So I came to a realization today regarding speed and how it’s measured. CIG is using m/s. Now full disclosure I’m American and without the m/s next to the number I assumed the speed I was sesing was mph. Looking back this though process of mine doesn’t make a lot of sense as I knew distance was in kilometers. However, coming to this realization help me understand just how fast our ships are flying.

For the Gladius in Master Modes it’s SCU speed is 224 m/s and boosted it can go up to 558 m/s. For reference the F16 will typically dog fight at 483 mph and has a top speed of 1345 mph. (I choose the F-16 as it and the Gladius have a similar profile and role.) This means that in modern terms the Gladius does fall in line with modern fighters in terms of speed.

This is not a positive or negative post for Master Modes. There are plenty of posts for that. I thought that there might be more people like me who didn’t realize just how fast 224 m/s really is. It opened my eyes on just how fast we are going in terms that I’m familiar with. It also helped me reform some of my opinions about Master Modes as well.

Before anyone mentions it, yes I do know that speeds are listed in m/s for ships on the website. However, while playing the game I defaulted to units of measurement that I’m used to. Also mixing mph and kilometers is something I’m used to being in the military so the idea that we would be using mph for speed but km for distance is not something I would find unusual.

Would you like to have a setting to switch the used formats? I am all for SI units but I wouldn’t mind having kmh, knots or feet for alt in there optionally. MPH just doesn’t feel like the right choice for flying 😉

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