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To Yogi and UI team,

Sorry if this is the wrong Spectrum thread for Master Modes 3.22 EPTU. Still learning how to use Spectrum.

The PiP is one of, if not the most important UI element for combat.

My questions:

(1) Will the PiP get more visible than it is currently in Master Modes? Difficult to always see against ship background or map.

(2) It also does a fading effect. Will there be an option to turn off fading so its always visible? Flying lead PiP provides information even when it is further from the ship.

(3) Will there be an option to have a single color even for multiple weapon groups? The green and red may not always be helpful in certain situations.

Thanks for sharing the iterations of Master Modes with us.

The current UI implementation in 3.22 is the same as in 3.20 because we missed an integration deadline. As specifically for your questions:

(1) Not for 3.22 but in later releases yes (a think that helps e.g. is the UI scaling which Toni mentioned during the CC demo)

(2) We can add an option to not fade out the PIP. It usually fades away when you’re directly on top but it should be easy to add an option for that.

(3) That’s up to the UI team. In general from our gameplay side we just need a thing that says “the guns for that PIP are now in range and a hit is likely if you fire now”. Personally I do not have strong feelings about using symbology over colour. So feel free to make suggestions.

I’ll ask a moderator to move that into the feedback section.

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