Lunar New Year 2024 – Celebrate the Red Festival

Celebrate The Dawn
of New Adventures

The Red Festival is a celebration of renewal and remembrance with roots in old Earth

customs that marked the end of a ‘lunisolar year,’ an ancient calendar system based on

Luna’s (Sol 3a) cycles. Celebrants honor the festival with a variety of traditions that differ

greatly depending on the system and community participating. Common activities

include wearing red (a color that symbolizes good fortune), honoring friends and

relatives by sharing stories, and eating foods long in length, such as calossk tentacles

or dyed-red noodles, and the exchange of gilded red envelopes representing good fortune to come.

Red Festival Referrals

New Year, New Friends

From February 8 through 26, refer a friend and secure a Drake Dragonfly along with a special-edition Red Festival armor and weapon package for both of you.

Auspicious Paint Schemes

New Year, New Paints

Outfit several popular Origin ships and vehicles with two all-new liveries paying homage to both 2954’s Year of the Dog in-game and 2024’s Year of the Dragon here in our current timeline. And, for additional prosperity, you can pick up previous years’ Auspicious Red paints and vehicles for a limited time.

Arena Commander Takeover

New Year, New Records

Log into Arena Commander for a special new Kill Collector mode, and collect holographic challenge coins from your felled opponents. See how many you can get before your luck runs out. The top scorer in a round earns a limited-time Red Festival Challenge Coin!

Year of the Dog Envelopes

New Year, New Opportunities

Find red envelopes across the system and turn them in for credits and prizes. Plus, receive your own special 2954 Year of the Dog envelope to display in your hangar for years to come if you visit Stanton during the Red Festival.

A Fortunate Opportunity

New Year, New Limited Stock

Good luck has certainly smiled upon the ‘verse this year, inspiring Origin to launch a surprise flash sale featuring limited stock of the legendary 890 Jump superyacht.

Wave 1: Feb 8 – 1600 UTC

Wave 2: Feb 9 – 0000 UTC

Wave 3: Feb 9 – 0800 UTC

Featured Packs

Visit for details.

2954/2024 Ship Paints

New liveries paying homage to both 2954’s Year of the Dog in-game and 2024’s Year of the Dragon here in our current timeline.

Visit for details.

Returning Paints

If you missed past years’ red and gold Auspicious paints, pick them up now for a limited-time.

Visit for details.

Red Alert Gear

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Prosperous Ships

RSI Store promotion. Visit for details.




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