Luminalia 2953 – It’s beginning to look a lot like Luminalia

The Spirit of the Season

What is Luminalia?

Luminalia is an annual holiday celebrated by both the Banu and Humans on December 22. It began as the irregularly-held Banu festival ‘tsikti efanga’ (Glow Festival), which was marked by the lighting of ceremonial lamps that remained lit until their fuel was consumed. While the lamps were burning, all Banu, no matter their location, were considered one Souli (a group of cohabiting Banu who formed an alliance around a specific shared skillset). Today, Banu and Humans commemorate Luminalia with gift-exchanges, present hunts, glowing lights, food and drink, and gatherings of family, friends, business associates, and acquaintances.

For more info on the holiday, check out the Galactapedia.

Holiday Deals

Under your tree until January 8

These doorbusters will blow your airlock wide open to the tune of seasonal starter packs and discounted subscription offers. Enhanced holiday insurance and holly jolly ship paints will make sure you’re ready to take on the New Year, while new limited time three-month subscription options give you a taste of monthly perks and exclusive rewards.

And share in the spirit of giving with a referral promo that promises unique rewards for both the referrer and the new player.

12 Days of Giving

Plus fun in the ‘verse

We’ve got Luminalia gifts for all! In-game you’ll find festive presents scattered around Stanton’s landing zones, discover some very special delivery missions, and be visited by the loot of Luminalia past if you look in the right container. And from December 11 through 22, all citizens can unwrap a daily surprise right here. Click below for today���s gift, and we’ll see you tomorrow.

Come out to the Arena

We’ll get together, have a few laughs

Jump into the intense action of Arena Commander’s Team Elimination and Gun Rush modes this holiday season and prepare to get blasted with both comfort and joy. Be the top dog (or reindeer) in either mode to earn yourself a festive holiday Pico. Join in the seasonally appropriate chaos and ruin your opponent’s Luminalia whilst draped in festive regalia. 

*Playable from Alpha 3.22 launch until January 8.

Spirited Competition

A couple of convivial contests

On the second day of Luminalia, my true love gave to me…two community contests. First, try your hand at creating a holiday greeting card worth sending across the galaxy. Then, take on CIG staff in Arena Commander for the chance to win fabulous prizes and to be immortalized in the annals of the season as a legendary harbinger of festive violence (be on the lookout for more information on this second contest shortly).

Luminalia 2953 Calendar

Once you’ve redeemed a reward, you can view them in your web hangar here. All rewards will be available to redeem until January 8.

Holiday Starter Packs

Invite your loved ones to the ‘verse with these special discounted Holiday Starter Packs. Each includes a Star Citizen game download, enhanced 24-month ship insurance, and 20k United Earth Credits (UEC). Available until January 8.

Visit for details.

Subscription Passes

Become a Star Citizen subscriber and receive monthly in-game exclusives, discounts, and more! For a limited time, pickup our new 3 Month Access Pass or enjoy extra savings with a 1 Year Access Pass discounted 10% off until January 8.

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