Looking for Questions: Star Citizen Live – EVA, Personal Interaction and More!

Hi everyone,

This Friday at 16:00 UTC / 8 am Pacific, we’ll have Team Cian on stream to answer your questions on EVA, PIE, and Default Item Actions.
Watch the video: Extra-Vehicular Particulars

This is your chance to submit your questions to our devs before tuning in on Friday to twitch.tv/starcitizen to hear the answers.

We’ll see you there!

Posting Guidelines

Post only one question per post.Questions should be relevant to the topic (and guests) of this week’s show.Try to be succinct. Boil it down to the thing you really want to know. It helps avoid confusion and begets better answers, usually.No “when” questions – remember that your best bet will be to engage with our Public Roadmap.Posts violating these guidelines or the subjects of the broadcast may be deleted.Have fun with it!

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