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Kusanagi Batou

I’ve made a plan of the Kraken using the section plan, concept drawings and 3D views of the interior in Jump Point 2018-10-06 Power-To-The-Pirates.

Any suggestions or wishes on my part are written in red.

I’ve tried to transcribe the images and plans provided as best I can, some room sizes may be different.

modifications do not reflect the final version.

The website used is:

And Inkscape software.

The guest rooms are inspired by the Cutter Rambler: with a bed, shower and toilet, closet, armor closet, weapon rack, table with chair and food maker.
Kraken top view Level -1

and Kraken variant top view Level -1

With the 16 Jump Point guest rooms pdf of October 2018

Kraken top view Level -2

I’ve added a cargo elevator to transport spare parts for repairing ships in the hangars.

Kraken top view Level -3

With the addition of a room with a T3 or T2 medical bed opposite the central elevator leading to the 2 small landing areas and also on the same level as the 2 hangars for greater consistency with the Carrack.

Kraken top view Level 1

I’ve added missile racks like those on the Storm AA, and vertical launch tubes like those on some navy ships.

with limitations on size and number of missiles, because I don’t consider it an attack ship, the missiles serve as protection against attack.

Kraken top view Level 2

I love seeing stuff like this! Can’t wait for the Kraken!

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