Is replication Layer being tested now???

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2 weeks before Citcon, it was a mather of days before they start testing replication layer on eptu, or PTU….Is it in 3.22, is it being tested??? Have they decided to release it in one shot with server meshing because meshing is now working like we saw at citcon.

Is 3.22 the last patch of the 3 branch and first patch next year will start with 4.0??

Just asking question because i dont see anyone talking about Replication layer right now… Maybe its working so well no one noticed it??

Just asking question because i think it would have been nice ot have replication layer already there for the great next year we will have. Because in the next 12 month we should see almopst all features presented at citcon due to SQ42 being in polishing and having small stike teams going over each levels leaving hundreds of devs switching to SC.

Just asking question here no other intentions, if you see any other intentions in this comment maybe ask yourself deeper questrions.

Yes, there have been a handful of Replication Layer focused playtests the last couple of weeks.

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