is Golden Ticket actually out there?

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Okay maybe I am looting the wrong things, but I have put in about 16 hours of looting various sources/methods and still have yet to come across a single golden ticket.

for reference I have gone to all the non-hostile outposts at least once, I have gone to settlements, I have done bunkers, and i have bed logged near a single out post changed servers and re-looted all the boxes. Nada.

Is there a method I am missing?

Is the drop chance super low?

Am I just unlucky?

Are the tickets limited or non-existent?

Starting to loose hope that I will find one.


We’ve taken a look at this just to make sure, and everything looks ok. Don’t lose hope; the Golden Licenses are out there, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for you and everyone trying to find one!

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