Invictus Launch Week 2954 Schedule – Try Star Citizen for Free

Invictus Launch Week 2954

Manufacturer Schedule

Dating back to the First Tevarin War (2541-2546), Invictus Launch Week marks the beginning of the new recruiting year of the United Empire of Earth Navy (UEEN) and is publicly celebrated throughout the Empire. 

Throughout the event, you can try Star Citizen FOR FREE, along with test drive the ships on display at the show. Different manufacturers take over the Bevic Convention Center every two days, so keep checking back to see everything the event offers.

Visitors also have the opportunity to tour an in-service Aegis Idris-M Frigate and marvel at the entire Invictus fleet in flight! Head over to and our FAQ for more information about the event.

Check out the schedule below to plan your test flights. Have fun and fly safe!


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