Introducing Star Citizen: Alpha 3.24

Hi everyone,

With Alpha 3.23.1 out the door, our team has shifted focus to closing out what we had previously called Alpha 3.23.2.

During internal testing of the upcoming patch, we’ve determined that its substantial updates justify labeling it as version 3.24.

This change in version number doesn’t indicate any changes to the patch itself or any future patches; rather, it aligns with what we consider to be a major update. We’re excited for you to experience additions such as Freight Elevators, Storage Access (previously known as Item Banks), Personal and Instanced Hangars, new Cargo Hauling missions, and more—all of which aim to make a lasting impact on the ‘verse.

You’ll soon see the updated version number in the launcher as we release Evocati/PTU builds and corresponding feedback threads. Additionally, this adjustment will be reflected on the Roadmap, which will be updated next week.

Keep a close eye on Spectrum for updates soon, and we’ll see you in-game!

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