Intergalactic Aerospace Expo – F8 Insurance Update

Hi everyone,

Quick follow-up to address those who had previously picked up an F8 with 6 months insurance, who are looking to upgrade to the 120 month version. As previously messaged, if you reach out to our support team with this request, they are happy to assist.

I’ve noticed several F8 pilots expressing concern about the possibility of support not addressing their tickets before IAE concludes. Good news is that we’ve accounted for this and as long as you reach out before the end of IAE on November 30, 2000 UTC, the team will make sure you’re taken care of. Of course, due to general high volumes during IAE, it can take a little time. Don’t panic if you don’t get an immediate response, and rest assured that we’ll get you squared away as quickly as possible. As a side-note, it makes the process easier if you don’t modify the F8C pledge any further.

Thanks all, and we’ll see you in-game!

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