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* First, i’m sorry for my Eng is not good.

“If you already have one of these ships, you’ll receive the IAE-exclusive paint (and extra items) on the last day of the event at no cost.”

But i remember there will be 2 chance to receive the BIS Paints at the BIS event day(26 Nov) and the end of IAE (1 Dec)?

And there is an other question. If the BIS WB CCU are including the BIS Paints (like last year IAE). I can get the paint when i CCU by the BIS WB CCU before the end of IAE . So in this condition, i will not receive one more BIS paint right? or it’s not including the BIS Paints at the BIS WB CCU this year?

I will gratitude if you can respond my question. Thank You.

Hey @HK_HoShINo, the BiS edition Warbond will only contain the goodies for that particular ship you pledge for and not the others. You will not receive an additional copy of that BiS paint for the ship either. I hope this answers your question. :slightly_smiling_face:

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