Illegal Towing Is Ridiculous

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So I have been taunted by the new “illegal towing” fines since they were added, effectively negating the primary use of ships that can move other ships out of the way of high traffic areas.

Just a moment ago I decided to do a little experiment. I went down to a bunker that I knew to be a dumping ground for ships and vehicles, and went to work. I would pick up a Fury with my Nomad’s tractor beam, let it go, then pick up a cyclone with it, holding for just a few seconds each before letting go. I did this over and over, and after over 60 ship shuffles in under 9 minutes I had racked up a Crime Stat 5>. That’s full blown sector’s-most-wanted, bounty given to everyone kind of CS level. So not wanting to visit Aberdeen just yet, I of course relogged to put myself back at station so that I could check the terminal and see how much I owed. In total, just counting the 63 instances of illegal towing that showed up, I owed 2,016,000 aUEC in fines. And effectively I had done…nothing. Besides move some abandoned vehicles out of the way so ships could park. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I don’t know who thought that such a fine was necessary, or that such a fine should stack in such a way, but they should really sit down and re-think what it means to be a criminal. They should think about what actions should constitute bankruptcy, and what should be a strongly worded warning from the local law enforcement.

To recap:

Crime Stat> rating achieved: 5
Time spent> being a criminal: <9 minutes
Times fined b>by “the syste<b>m”: 63
Cost> to pay off those fines: 2,016,000 aUEC
Jail time b>if you surrender instead of pay: Ehh I did some other messing around before turning myself in, but around 20 hours.

That is…not OK.

Now I’m not here to tell you how to prevent problematic players from doing problematic things in the game, but something like this is just not alright. This shouldn’t even be remotely possible. Sure if you tow a huge ship full of cargo that’s owned by an active player away to scrap it, I can understand. But racking up that kind of debt/jail-time in less than 10 whole minutes by shifting some ground vehicles around is crazy. Maybe have the fine be based on a function of the time and distance towed, becoming more and more unreasonable the further away you take a vehicle. Vehicles that are abandoned by players should also NEVER inflict other players with fines of any kind. Like what if that abandoned ship was obscuring the entrance to a high priority mission area, or blocking folks from getting from one place to another? Sure, let’s fine the good samaritan who moves it out of the way and lets folks get back to having fun in game. That sounds totally reasonable.

I’m done ranting, but piddly fines like this and “armistice violations” have been the bane of the salvage occupation for quite some time now. Why pay for salvage contracts when players abandon their ships all over the verse all the time? Oh, well because if you salvage those useless hunks of junk, you get fined for it, and it’s always more than you’d pay for a contract. The devs are selling us a contract cure for the server poisoning they caused in the first place.

(But seriously, when can salvage players get a break and just do their job: Clean up the verse. Less paperweight ships means better server performance.)


Thank you for raising this, this is not how it is supposed to work. We will look into this.


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