Idris unbeatable, Javelin not helping.

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This patch it feels like the Idris got a fucking MASSIVE bump to its HP pool

I’ve done it twice in the PU this cycle, and both times it required 20-30 minutes of continual fire from large guns on bare steel as well as 7-8 full loads of retaliator torpedoes to kill it.

My sneaking suspicion is that the Old Idris and New Idris have some shared stats (such as HP) and it was massively buffed for the frigate event so that 2-3 players rolling up in tali’s couldn’t immediately pop it before anyone could board.

It’s a real shame, because it makes the Arlington capstone and Critical Threat beacons entirely not worth doing, and the “Idris Capturing by Arlington Gang” becomes a pure annoyance and reminder of the issue.

Indeed the Idris did receive a balance pass for 3.22 which was also applied to the Pirate Idris. Additionally as OP mentioned there is a known issue of the UEE Javelins at the end of Pirate Swarm not behaving properly, making the mode extremely hard to complete.

For 3.23, while we investigate the Javelin/AI issue, we’re updating the UEE fleet with a new flagship with more than enough firepower to help you finish off the Pirate Fleet.

Thanks all for raising this!

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