I want to bring up attention to Gamepad support

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Consoles are the reason why we are getting the horrible master modes changes.

Don’t try and dispute the fact that mastermodes is being put in place for consoles, look at all the UI changes at citizen con. It’s all clearly made to tailor to a gamepad.

Apparently gamepad users can’t tricord so instead of CiG leaving things as is as they should, they’d rather ruin the immersive experience for PC players.

Yes you can tricord with mouse and keyboard as well as with sticks.

What’s next they remove Tobii / head tracking support cause consoles can’t use that either.

That is entirely wrong.

The recommendation to develop master modes was based on the gameplay issues that high speeds bring with them, especially for combat.

Also we did NOT remove trichording for MM, we just removed the excessive G-advantages you get from trichording.

And we will certainly not remove head tracking.

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