I Loved the Mahli Goes to Orison Series – More Please CIG – Make these every year!!!

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Hi CIG, ignore the haters, there are plenty of us who love the Mahli series and want more. It is exactly the type of refreshing IAE content I was hoping for in Jax’s absence but if it is not too much trouble I’d like you to continue to follow Mahli in future years even when Jax comes back. I was never a huge fan of the Jax stuff as I didn’t really relate to it having never watched the IRL TV series it was based on but THIS is recognizable and feels like real life in the ‘verse. It was fresh and different! Same with the Bounty Hunter series,. Please keep them both going.

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but neither is Jax. Diversity of content is a good thing since different people like different things! Please keep up the good work done here!!! :hearts:

Both the bounty hunter and Mahli represent life in the ‘verse more than Jax and Jimmy. They are just regular people doing social posts. That’s more relatable to me.

Cheers, babes! I’ll take it to the team. Don’t forget to limber up! 😉

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