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The holiday season is quickly approaching again. Just like the last years, I’d like to give a little and to bring some happiness to Spectrum.

What can you win?

The pool of gifts currently contains …

– Mustang Alpha IAE Starter w. 10 year insurance – donated by me

– Gear pack – Cargo Career Kit – donated by me

– Gear pack – Medical Career Kit – donated by me

– Cutter Scout with Nightfall skin – donated by @EverlastOG

– Syulen with LTI – donated by @shellshokked

– Greycat STV with 6 month insurance – donated by anonymous

– Slipstream Racing Paint Pack (Dragonfly, Cyclone, Nox, Hoverquad) – donated by @Quicksilver

– Pembroke RSI Sunburst Armor Pack – donated by @Quicksilver

– Pyro RYT “GHOST” Multi-Tool – donated by @Quicksilver

– Equipment – Quikflarepro Pack – donated by @Quicksilver

What if you want to add gifts to the pool?

First of all: Thank you. You made the festivities even better.

Please contact me via PM or tag me in your post and announce the gift you want to add. I will add the gift to the above list and add your name next to it. If you want to remain anonymous (except to me and the winner of your gift) please use a PM and declare this wish.

You take the credit for being generous.

I’ll do all the work.

We all win.

All announced gifts will have to be given away to their respective winners, drawn by me, but I’ll not be responsible for issues with third parties.

If you don’t trust me for whatever reason you may of course also start your own giveaway. The more the merrier. Don’t worry, I’ll not take it to heart.

The rules to follow (the rules – part 1).

Please read and follow all the rules carefully or you will not be considered for a gift.

This giveaway will run until 31. December 2023 – 23:59 CET. All entries made afterwards will not be considered.

Winners will be announced between 2. and 4. January 2024.

I’ll need a few days to get sober after the new year.

I’ll create a list of all users who made at least one eligible post in this thread and let a number randomizer decide the winners.

Each participant can only win one gift.

I’ll announce the winners immediatly afterwards and contact them via PM. If you won a gift I’ll need a valid email address from you. Please don’t post those to this thread and wait for my PM instead.

I’ll add all winners next to their respective gift within this post.

In the case of gifts donated by others, I’ll contact the donating party and inform them who they’ll need to contact (or they can act by themself, if they are fast enough after I posted the winners). The donator will contact their respective winner for the transfer process.

If you don’t reply to your win notification within 7 days a new winner will be drawn.

Now how do you enter (the rules – part 2)?

To win you will need to make a post in this thread and wish everyone a “happy holiday“ or a “happy luminalia“. No other holiday wishes will grant you a winning chance.

Creating multiple posts will not increase your chances.

Feel free to share the link to this thread with your friends on whatever media you like but only posts made here on Spectrum and within this thread will be considered.


CIG is not involved in the creation of this giveaway / contest in any capacity and they are not responsible for it. However they are welcome to add gifts to the pool in the spirit of the holiday season.

Enjoy the end of the year and I wish you all a happy luminalia.


Happy Luminalia & Happy Holidays to all :slightly_smiling_face: :pico: :finley: :frances:

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