Happy Luminalia 2953 from all of us at Cloud Imperium Games!

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Hello fellow Citizens and dear CIG members :wave:

As the festive season blankets us in joy and goodwill, I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to the incredible team at Cloud Imperium Games. This year has been quite the journey for all of us in the Star Citizen community, and it wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the hard work, dedication, and passion poured into our beloved project by the CIG team.

We’ve navigated through some rough asteroid fields together, facing challenges and uncertainties. It’s no secret that game development can be a roller coaster ride, and CIG has faced their fair share of ups and downs. However, it’s during these moments of turbulence that we’ve witnessed the true mettle of all you guys over at CIG. :star2:

Despite the challenges, the outcome has been . The persistent dedication and creative energy injected into Star Citizen are nothing short of phenomenal. It’s not just a game; it’s a living, breathing universe that continues to expand and evolve, fueled by the collective dreams and aspirations of both the community and the development team.

This Luminalia, let’s raise our glasses :clinking_glasses: (virtual or otherwise) to the continuous pursuit of excellence demonstrated by all of CIG staff. Thank you for your tireless efforts, your sleepless nights fixing the most annoying bugs, and your unyielding passion for making Star Citizen the most ambitious and awe-inspiring space MMO ever conceived.

But let’s not forget that this journey is a shared one. The whole community has played a pivotal role in shaping the universe we all explore and inhabit. Together, we’ve weathered storms, celebrated victories, and forged bonds stronger than the alloys of the mightiest spacecraft :handshake:. It’s this symbiotic relationship between us backers and the dev team that makes Star Citizen more than just a game—it’s a collaborative masterpiece in the making.

So, here’s to the whole CIG crew for their hard work and vision. Here’s to all the backers for the enthusiasm and support. May this Luminalia be filled with the warmth of shared dreams, the joy of exploration, and the excitement of adventures yet to come.

Happy Luminalia, Star Citizens!

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