Ground vehicles slower in 3.22 PTU?

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As some of you already noticed there are some massive ground vehicle changes in 3.22.

All of them are now way slower than ever before. I know these might be temporary but it is slightly concerning especially looking at the DAYMAR RALLY coming up in January.

It is very funny to see that the NOVA tank is now the fastest ground vehicle in game. Even the LYNX is faster than the CYCLONE RC. Even the STORM is now slower but it is a light tank and is supposed to be fast and agile?

Some changes make sense and again I hope they are temporary while things get dialed in but also the CYCLONE RC is still missing its boost.

If one of you devs could explain what plans you guys have with this, that would be great.

Thank you in advance!

Hey folks, these changes are not intended, and the right people are looking into it!

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