Gaze Based Manual Gimbal Mode

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Add manual gimbal slave to gaze for eye trackers

Pilot – Weapons – Manual Gimbal Mode – Default Slaving : Gaze

Head Tracking – Tobii – Gaze Based Manual Gimbal Mode : Yes

Currently you can only slave Manual gimbal to VJoy, or look direction on manual gimbals.

VJoy is locked to the front, and look direction isn’t accurate at all.

We can use Gaze to select targets, impact points and lock missiles, why cant we use it to slave the gimbal weapons?

We tried that out internally and it didn’t work well. There is an area of “uncertainty” around the gaze point (which you can make visible with the Tobii tool) and it is too big to really put your crosshair in the right place. Often enough you look at something and the crosshair is just a tad offset but you have no way of bringing it on target without looking away (and then not seeing what you aim at).

So summarized the gaze based input is not precise enough to deal with aiming unless we use an unfair amount of auto aiming. Thats why we only use it for targeting (where we only use a rough direction).

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