Gaze Based Manual Gimbal Mode

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Would still be nice if we could have a separate axis for Gimbals vs Movement


Gave it a little bit of thought and came up with an arm chair game dev solution. If you could separate the already existing keybind to work with a specific input….

Lock Pitch/Yaw Movement Mouse

Lock Pitch/Yaw Movement Joystick

Just thoughts. Thanks

We had separate gimbal axes in the past and it was a pretty bad experience. It is really hard to control two rotational axes at the same time and we always found it a lot faster to momentarily track the head instead. The only case where this was useful was when two players play on the same PC with one controlling ship rotating and the other one aiming. But that is not a useful use case for general gameplay. So for the gunnery system we will not reintroduce axes and rather rely on remote turrets, etc.

Specifically for salvage / mining that can be discussed though. I’ll check with Thorsten about this when I find a minute.

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