Galactapedia Update | November 28, 2023

Happy Tuesday!

We’ve recently added these articles to Galactapedia, and we can’t wait for you to check them out. This is also the place to discuss what was added this month, or to tell us what future entries you’d like to see.

Full-Length Article:

Luminalia –

the full (known) history of the Banu-Human hybrid holiday.

Short Articles:

Ē’aluth system –

System of preservation.

Tua’lu” –

Evaporating giant.

Kyupuaang (Ē’aluth II) –

Stormy smog planet.

Ko’li –

Xi’an nature preserve.

Huichuaihyao y.ath’o se Ē’aluth –

Worker water source.

Xyekyu –

Orbited by housing stations.

Puaangkiil –

The system’s primary pit stop.’a system –

Former military center.

Chuai’chuai –

Just a little rock.

P.uay’aha –

Puffy planet.

Ping’leth –

An artistic subject of Tamsa Wheel.

Xōl’uu –

Manufacturing heartland.

Xi –

A culturally vibrant habitation world.


Former military training site.

C1 Spirit –

Medium freight.

E1 Spirit –

Medium transport.

A1 Spirit –

Medium bomber.

Emperor Ch.ul’ē se Ru’a –

Second to last Emperor of the Second Imperial Age.

Emperor Y.ah’a se Xy.ō –

First Emperor of the Second Imperial Age.

Nine Tails –

Chaotic criminals.

Feel free to drop your questions & comments about this week’s entries in the comments below.

As always, thanks for reading. We’ll see ya in the ‘verse!


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