Galactapedia Update | January 30, 2024

Happy Tuesday!

We’ve recently added these articles to Galactapedia, and we can’t wait for you to check them out. This is also the place to discuss what was added this month, or to tell us what future entries you’d like to see.

Full Length Article:

The Artificial Intelligence Research and Production Restriction Act –

Popularly known as “the AI ban.”

Short Articles:

Bacchus system –

Banu home system (allegedly)

Bacchus I –

Smoggy super-Earth.

Bacchus II –

Banu home planet?

Bacchus III –

Circled by a storm nicknamed “Jerry’s Eye.”

Nuso flotilla –

A convenient marketplace.

Geddon system –

Home to only one planet.

Takto –

A specialized manufacturing center.

Gliese system –

A hub of Banu and Human cultural exchange.

Gliese I –

Has healing properties (or so various quacks claim).

Gliese II –

Spins in reverse.

Gliese belt alpha –

A bustling sea of rocks.

Gliese III –

Dotted with sealed settlements.

Nogo –

Probably safe to live on?

Lyris flotilla –

Another convenient marketplace.

Gliese belt beta –

A center of salvaging.

Gliese V –

A Terragra-approved source for bottled water.

Gliese cluster gamma –

A not-so-busting sea of rocks.

Gliese VI –

A lucky planet.

Toshi Aaron –

Discovered the Stanton system.

Sindo Guerrero –

A chart-topping musician.


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