Galactapedia Update | December 19, 2023

Happy Tuesday!

We’ve recently added these articles to Galactapedia, and we can’t wait for you to check them out. This is also the place to discuss what was added this month, or to tell us what future entries you’d like to see.

Full Length Article:

Stanton system –

The largest corporate park in the universe.

Short Articles:

Kōri’lya –

A multicultural city.

Yā’ti –

A multibusiness city.

T.āl system –

A color-coded planetary system.

Y.ōm’e –

Hot, cratered world.

Oil’xa –

Yellow planet.

Lūng’xyi –

Violet planet.

Lixāuu –

Green planet.

Ryōl –

Orange planet.

Chuaiton –

Desolate planet.

Kyu’nao –

Yellow, violet, green, and orange planet.

Hyoton system –

The home system of the Xi’an people.

Tethyeng –

Associated with joy and abundance.

Tethle’a –

The seat of many ancient and powerful Houses.

RyiXy’an –

The homeworld of the Xi’an.

Ka’ua –

The center of Xi’an power.

Tethtām –

Associated with emptiness and time.

Ahmad Harar –

Co-discovered the Kai’pua-Horus jump point.

Carl Dyson –

Winner of two Elira Awards.

Central Core Bank –

Responsible for regulating the UEC.

Drop Kings –

Not actually royalty, despite the name.

NOTE: There will be no images this month due to an ongoing issue. Once it’s fixed, images will be added.

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