Galactapedia May 2024

Galactapedia Update May 2024


Welcome to May’s Galactapedia update roundup. This month, we explore five Vanduul systems, get an overview of various technologies, sample some fast food, and take a peek at some of the ‘verse’s most notorious drugs. Join the Spectrum thread for any discussion or feedback.

Full-Length Article:

WiDoW – One of the most significant public health issues of the 30th century.

Short Articles:

Whammer’s – Since 2801. Big Benny’s – Grab eat! Driller – A Vanduul escort carrier. Environment Suits – Your best bet for extreme environments. Emergency Communication Network – Ensures that information is transmitted during a crisis. Artificial Gravity – Gravity, but artificial. Pyro RYT Multi-Tool – A multi-purpose device at your fingertips. SLAM – Hits hard, users say. UltiFlex – Makers of the FSK-8 Combat Knife. Blue Triangle Inc – Founded by former hackers. BiotiCorp Limited – A medical research and technology company. QuarterDeck – Said to be the UEE’s most dangerous prison. Reverie AR Lens – Conveniently transmits information into your field of vision. CureLife – Makers of the MedPen. MedPen – Made by CureLife. Vagabond System – Inspired a popular folk song. Vesper System – Possible source of a strange signal. Vulture System – Key strategic point in the Battle of Orion. Voodoo System – Gave its name to a Vanduul ace pilot. Vermilion System – Not known for its apples.


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