Galactapedia March 2024

Galactapedia Update March 2024


Welcome to this month’s Galactapedia update roundup. This month, visit the Tiber and Caliban systems and get to know how the Banu Protectorate is operated. Join the Spectrum thread for any discussion or feedback.

Full-Length Article:

Banu Protectorate – An allied coalition of planet-states and city-states.

Short Articles:

Tiber system – Siege site. Tiber I – Technically habitable. Tiber belt alpha – Laced with mines. Tomb – A bombed-out wasteland. Caliban system – A system tragically lost to the Vanduul. Caliban I – A lonely world. Crion – A once-prosperous planet laid to ruin. Caliban 2a – Has curious craters. Caliban III – Wasted planetary potential. Caliban 3a – Lumpy protoplanet. Caliban 3b – Porous protoplanet. Caliban belt alpha – Thronged with derelict space stations. Caliban IV – A grey-green giant. Caliban 4a – Hypothesized to be a captured core. Caliban 4b – Caliban’s most spectacular light show. Caliban 4c – A rusty rock. Caliban 4d – Has a hidden ocean. Caliban 4e – Cryovolcano central. Caliban 4f – Caliban IV’s darkest moon. Caliban V – Strip-mined by the Vanduul.


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