Galactapedia June 2024

Galactapedia Update June 2024


Welcome to June’s Galactapedia update roundup. This month, we take a deep dive into Corin, cover some of the ‘verse’s common types of tech, meet two UEE Navy squadrons, visit a couple of intriguing systems, and learn about a handful of recreational drugs. Join the Spectrum thread for any discussion or feedback.

Full-Length Article:

Corin – The heavily-guarded HQ of the UEE Marines.

Short Articles:

Squadron 118 – The Hare Triggers. Squadron 42 – Heroes of the Battle of Centauri. Energy shield – Good to have during a firefight. Scanner – Good to have during mining. Medical Emergency Locator – Good to have during a rescue mission. Interspace Communication Technology – Key to Humanity’s push to the stars. Sentient Trading – Not favored by sentient rights organizations. Muse Simpod – Use it to play Arena Commander. Cryopod – Use it to take a very long nap. Retribution – The Kingship killer. Volt system – A mysterious Vanduul system. Krēl system – An even more mysterious Kr’thak system. Dopple – Drug of disconnection. E’tam – Favored by practitioners of Li’tova. Freeze – A tranquilizer and muscle healer. Mala – A natural psychedelic. Maze – Once important to the Tevarin. Neon – The Empire’s favorite party drug. Glow – Neon, but more intense. Thrust – A powerful stimulant.


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