Galactapedia December 2023

Galactapedia Update December 2023


Welcome to this month’s Galactapedia update roundup. This month, we visit the T.āl and Hyoton systems, meet the co-discoverers of the Kai’pua-Hyoton jump point, learn about the Central Core Bank, and carefully greet the Drop Kings. Join the Spectrum thread for any discussion or feedback.

Full-Length Article:

Stanton system – The largest corporate park in the universe.

Short Articles:

Kōri’lya – A multicultural city. Yā’ti – A multibusiness city. T.āl system – A color-coded planetary system. Y.ōm’e – Hot, cratered world. Oil’xa – Yellow planet. Lūng’xyi – Violet planet. Lixāuu – Green planet. Ryōl – Orange planet. Chuaiton – Desolate planet. Kyu’nao – Yellow, violet, green, and orange planet. Hyoton system – The home system of the Xi’an people. Tethyeng – Associated with joy and abundance. Tethle’a – The seat of many ancient and powerful Houses. RyiXy’an – The homeworld of the Xi’an. Ka’ua – The center of Xi’an power. Tethtām – Associated with emptiness and time. Ahmad Harar – Co-discovered the Kai’pua-Horus jump point. Carl Dyson – Winner of two Elira Awards. Central Core Bank – Responsible for regulating the UEC. Drop Kings – Not actually royalty, despite the name.

NOTE: There will be no images this month due to an ongoing issue. Once it’s fixed, images will be added.


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