Galactapedia April 2024

Galactapedia Update April 2024


Welcome to this month’s Galactapedia update roundup. This month, we explore the Trise and Virgil systems, take a glance at the Vanguard, Viking, Vendetta, Veritas, and Virgo systems, meet the Emperor who reigned before Tao’yusao T.uēng se Kr.ē, visit the ruined city of Boro, and take a deep dive into the Fall of Virgil. Join the Spectrum thread for any discussion or feedback.

Full-Length Article:

Fall of Virgil – Less of a battle and more of a massacre.

Short Articles:

Trise system – A stronghold of Religion Soulis. Trise I – Purchase divine guidance here! Trise flotilla – A fleet of traders. Virgil system – Consumed by the Vanduul. Cyrene – A lost arcadia. Jai – A reflective moon. Corsito – A dark moon. Epheet – The little brother. Sino – An inscrutable smog planet. Gideon’s belt – Being harvested by the Vanduul. Virgil III – A stormy ice giant. Erna – Covered with deep chasmata. Jarl – Fields of methane ice. Vanguard system – Confirmed to have at least three planets. Viking system – Connected to Caliban. Vendetta system – Possibly connected to Orion (indirectly). Veritas system – Featured on Plain Truth. Virgo system – Home of the (very fictional) Vanduul Empire. “Boro(Boro)”:“ – Ruined city. “Lii” se Kr.ē(Lii” se Kr.ē)”: – Ruled the Xi’an Empire before T.uēng se Kr.ē.


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