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Hi All

I have worked on Aerospace and Defence Technical Documentation all of my adult life, and thought it would be cool to create some technical publications for a “Spacecraft Manual”. It is loosely based on the S1000D specification which is generally used for IRL Aircraft and Defence Technical Documentation. This particular document is an example for the Fury and most the information has been taken from the web so it may not be 100% correct. However, it will suffice for an example.

Here’s a link to the full 47 page PDF (you can open in the browser so no DL required): https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/lu02you51s4plgnoqnbrr/Fury_TP_Example.pdf?rlkey=k9xpxuvnhr62eik763gwygkn6&dl=0

I chose the Fury with this document as its the smallest ship to help me work out the document structure and layouts etc. There are a few missing graphics and I dont get much time to work these much so I have decided to make a start on manual for the C1 (the only ship I own and easier for research). With the C1 being a larger ship, this will help me define the structure further as it may require different chapters etc, creating a “gold standard” for future ship documents.

At the moment its a fairly small document but this will grow considerably once the engineering mechanics have been expanded, it could easily become a 500+ page document. The plan will be expand this documentation and create the same for various ships but this will obviously be a very slow project with the sheer amount and size of the ships!

Let me know what you think of the documentation and if you think it will be helpful. Would you buy a hardback “Spaceship Manual” if CIG could create and sell these? I personally think CIG could make a killing on this type of publication 🙂

Any feedback is welcome, good or bad. I will post any updates on future documents if people like my work :slightly_smiling_face:



PS. If there are any CIG devs / employees who can help me with accurate ship information or 3D models it would be greatly appreciated 🙂 (tall order i know, but no harm in asking i suppose?!?)

wow this is awesome! the vehicle team love it :heart:

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