#FuckCancer In Memory of AlphaHugo

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Today, we gather not only to mourn the loss of a NOVA member, but also to celebrate the vibrant spirit of AlphaHugo, whose presence touched us all. Though taken from us too soon, AlphaHugo’s legacy will live on through the verse of Star Citizen and the countless memories we shared with him.

AlphaHugo was more than just a player of a game; they were an explorer, a dreamer, and a true adventurer of the virtual cosmos. With every ship they piloted and every planet, moon, or cave they set foot upon, they ignited a sense of wonder in all of us. Their passion for the vast verse of Star Citizen was infectious, drawing us into a Persistent Universe of limitless possibilities.

As we remember AlphaHugo today, let us not only mourn the loss of a fellow traveler but also celebrate the life they lived and the inspiration they left behind. Their legacy will forever remind us to embrace our passions, connect with one another, and venture boldly into the unknown. Just as AlphaHugo navigated the challenges of the verse, let us navigate the challenges of life with the same resilience, courage, and unyielding love for discovery and exploration.

In the stars we find solace, and in the memories we shared with AlphaHugo, we find strength. We would like to hereby dedicate that the first org frontier science camp will be in his name, so he will forever be a part of the verse and an anchor to NOVA Frontiers.

Farewell, dear explorer, and may your journey continue among the cosmos, forever immersed in the boundless wonders you so cherished.

I’m so sorry, and my heart goes out to you for the loss of your dear friend.

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